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Cheese made from donkey milk, what's the story?

Cheese made from donkey milk, what's the story?

It seems that donkey milk will have a future in the world of food after social media pioneers circulated news that cheese extracted from this animal's milk is the most expensive in the world.

Cheese made from donkey milk, what's the story?

According to "Insider", the price of one kilogram of donkey cheese is close to $ 600, and the reason for this is that only one farm in the world produces it.

Accordingly, donkey cheese is superior to many of the luxury cheeses that people prefer in restaurants, and it is produced from cow or goat milk.

Producers need more than 24 liters of donkey milk to produce one kilogram of cheese, which is more than twice the milk needed by producers of "mozzarella", which is based on buffalo milk.

Donkey cheese is produced on only one farm in the world, which is located within a nature reserve in Serbia.

This Serbian "Zasavica" is one of three regions in the world keen to protect an endangered species of donkeys.

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