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Azza Fahmy ... the spectra of "Our Lady of El-Helly's"

Azza Fahmy ... the spectra of "Our Lady of El-Helly's"

The Egyptian international designer, Azza Fahmy, was able to transfer the manufacture and design of jewelry to other concepts. As it raises awareness of the ancient history and heritage of Egypt, its role was not limited to the manufacture of traditional jewelry only, but it carried developmental tasks to benefit society and preserve the workforce and polish its talent.

Azza Fahmy ... the spectra of "Our Lady of El-Helly's"

«Icon», met the international designer in conjunction with the golden jubilee of the beginning of her creative career, to talk about her various spectrums from Azza Fahmy School to develop the jewelry industry and her non-profit organization, to her efforts to develop the local industry and put it on the global map, in addition to her first book and her preparation for the second issue soon .

Azza Fahmy says to “Icon”: “The biggest success that I am proud of is that I was able to put traditional Arabic jewelry on the map. And how I developed it to be modern, it was not just jewelry .. but behind every piece is a message, a historical story, and a heritage. ”

The international artist excelled in designing Pharaonic and Islamic ornaments, in addition to the traditional ones, and there became a school in the name of Azza Fahmy; She introduced new lines in jewelry, and later the entire Arab world imitated her innovation, she said.

The most prominent group of Azza Fahmy was "Mamlouk", in which she collaborated with the greatest researchers in Egypt and the world. She says: "The Mamluk period was the Renaissance in the Islamic world. I was fortunate to have collaborated with the most senior researchers in this period. ”

"Fahmy" believes that the Mamluk group contributed to educating and educating many people. She says that it was inspired by the art of this era, designs from the decorations found on stone, marble and wood, and all the architectural elements that they turned into jewelry.

Azza Fahmy says: “The nodule in the group was very large, and I was wondering: Who will wear it? The surprise at the time of the group's launch was that it was a bestseller. ” The same was the case in the Pharaonic group, he continues: "We have been looking at history for eight whole years, because I do not want to design traditional jewelry, and I was thinking what can I present of new ideas?"

The Egyptian sucker came out of her confusion with advice from her daughter Amina, saying: “My daughter asked me: Why don't we design a modern for the Pharaonic group? Indeed, we created a wonderful team, we took the drawings on the priests ’clothes and put them on the wings, and we made crazy mixes ... and the group appeared in a new and bold form.”

Costume collection speaks for itself

Continues: “My greatest happiness was that when I launched the Pharaonic group, the women used to come to buy the pieces and speak the pharaonic name .. A large eagle-shaped necklace symbolized the goddess Nekhbet. Here I felt that I had revived our ancient civilization .. For this, Azza Fahmi's jewelry .. is a jewelry that urges culture, as it refers people to history, its details and its splendor.

She also talks about the Nubia group, she says: “I excelled in it, because I love Nubia. When the group launched, I made designs depicting Nubian homes, and one of the most amazing pieces I love is that I designed that includes villages, and stairs descending from the mountain on Lake Nasser, which I photographed with a large turquoise stone. . The Nubian bench was made, and the group was more like a miniature house in the form of jewelry. With unconventional ideas that make those who watch them feel as if they are speaking for themselves. ”

Awaiting résumé

Azza Fahmy also launched the book "The Traditional Glory of Egypt". She says: "The book is the only reference for traditional jewelry in Egypt, and universities use it as a reference for traditional jewelery, including Nubian ornaments, oases, animal jewelry, and the eastern and western deserts." I worked on the book for twenty years, and it is the best-selling book at the American University in Cairo. ”

Finally, Azza Fahmy is preparing to launch her new book soon. She says: “It will be about my resume, and my goal is to give a message to the new generations. That there is no impossible in the world as long as you have a goal you want to achieve ».

Azza Fahmy ... the spectra of "Our Lady of El-Helly's"

Azza Fahmy ... the spectra of "Our Lady of El-Helly's"

Azza Fahmy ... the spectra of "Our Lady of El-Helly's"

Azza Fahmy ... the spectra of "Our Lady of El-Helly's"

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