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Angelina Jolie, the star of a "hidden camera" during Ramadan (video)

Angelina Jolie, the star of a "hidden camera" during Ramadan (video)

Tunisian journalist and producer Walid Zribi revealed the details of the hidden camera program that will be shown during the month of Ramadan, which is expected to cause widespread controversy within the Arab public.

Angelina Jolie, the star of a "hidden camera" during Ramadan (video)

Walid Al-Zribi spoke in a statement to Russia Today Channel, Thursday, about some of the scenes of the hidden camera program in the month of Ramadan, where he confirmed that several personalities in various fields (politics, medicine, sport, art ...) will be invited to conduct a television interview, in the meantime the guest will be surprised. In the presence of the American actress Angelina Jolie to the studio as an envoy from the World Health Organization, where she announces the reason for her unannounced visit to Tunisia and confirms that she has brought 100,000 doses of a Corona virus vaccine to help the country overcome this epidemic.

The producer of the hidden camera program added that an Angelina Jolie lookalike would suggest the guest and the program team to join her in her office to get the vaccine.

He continued, saying: “After receiving the vaccine by the guest and the presenter of the program, the frequency of events escalates and some of the attendees who received the vaccine pretend to have severe symptoms that reach the point of death,” indicating that these events confused the guests and made them hysterical.

In the context, he reported that the resemblance to Aglina Jolie is the American actress of Spanish origin Lina Sands.

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