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Abu Dhabi is at the top of the safest cities in the world in facing Corona

Abu Dhabi is at the top of the safest cities in the world in facing Corona

A new study revealed the ranking of the safest cities with regard to the (Covid-19) vaccine, and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates ranked first, according to the UAE's Al Ain website.

Abu Dhabi is at the top of the safest cities in the world in facing Corona

The results of the analytical study conducted by Deep Knowledge Analytic are based on the country’s ranking in terms of vaccine distribution, government efficiency and economic resilience in 25 cities.

Specifically, 5 cities out of the 25 cities studied showed positive results, and these cities are: Abu Dhabi, Seoul, Sydney, Singapore, and Ottawa, and the 5 cities were the safest in terms of the development of the epidemic.

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates topped the safest ranking, with 74 points, followed by Seoul with 73 points, Sydney with 70 points, then Singapore with 68 points, and Ottawa with 68 points in fifth.

According to Einnews, the "Categorization of Cities Safety in Covid-19" study uses 1,300 data points to classify the safety of COVID-19, the efficiency of responding to the epidemic in terms of economy and treatment, in terms of vaccine distribution and also in government transparency.

The company aims to analyze the response of governments specifically, and to manage the epidemic, by identifying areas of threat and danger in the city.

The study identifies the main factors that must be addressed early and improved to avoid future outbreaks or deepening economic damage and deterioration of local healthcare systems.

Deep Knowledge Analytics is an agency focused on the technology industry with complex multi-dimensional frameworks and algorithmic methods that combine hundreds of metrics and parameters specifically designed to provide insightful market intelligence and practical forecasting.

Abu Dhabi's strong response to the pandemic has contributed to maintaining low rates of positive cases, at a time when health care services have adapted and expanded to protect all members of society.

Within weeks, field hospitals, testing facilities and centers, including vehicle testing centers, were completed. The new initiatives focused on the groups most at risk of contracting the virus, including the provision of free "Covid-19" examinations and other medical examinations, and the distribution of millions of free meals, as well as health awareness programs in several languages, with initiatives to support mental health.

The emirate has also led research and development efforts, worked to facilitate scientific discoveries to treat the virus, contributed to international efforts to discover the vaccine, and took over leadership of the first global clinical trials of the third phase of the inactive Covid-19 vaccine.

Abu Dhabi played a major role in the national vaccination campaign, which resulted in more than half of the eligible UAE population receiving the vaccine free of charge.

Abu Dhabi launched the "Coalition of Hope" to coordinate the distribution of billions of doses of the "Covid-19" vaccine around the world. The coalition, based on a public-private partnership led by the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi and a number of strategic partners, was able to achieve universal access to vaccines.

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