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A new decision in America about Boeing 737 Max planes

A new decision in America about Boeing 737 Max planes

Media said that the US Transportation Department has requested a review of the monitoring and inspection procedures. Which led to the permission to restart the aircraft, "Boeing 737 Max", after nearly two years of decommissioning.

A new decision in America about Boeing 737 Max planes

The aviation authorities in the United States and the world stopped operating the "Boeing 737 Max" aircraft in March 2019. After two crashes of this model in Indonesia and Ethiopia within less than five months, killing 346 people.

And he considered the main cause of the two accidents a malfunction in the computer program that controls the plane, as it directs it by mistake towards the ground, far from the will of the pilot.

“Eric J. Soskin, ”the inspector general of the US Department of Transportation, in a statement released Tuesday evening. It is “at the request of the former transportation secretary and members of Congress. Our office has carried out a series of reviews of the Federal Aviation Administration's certification of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft and its safety oversight. ”

“In our third review, we will examine the Federal Aviation Administration’s procedures after the two incidents, including the management’s assessment of risks,” he added. And stop operating the aircraft and then re-allow it to operate in November 2020. ”

He continued: “Our goal is to evaluate the operations and procedures of the Federal Aviation Administration for the process of decommissioning the aircraft and applying corrective measures. "Including for the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft."

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