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The most prominent tourist destinations that you can go to if you get vaccinated include Cyprus, Stockholm, Kos Island, Seville, Copenhagen and Georgia

The most prominent tourist destinations that you can go to if you get vaccinated include Cyprus, Stockholm, Kos Island, Seville, Copenhagen and Georgia

It seems that the conflict with the Coronavirus may be prolonged, and that is why we must live with its existence, and not stop our future plans and activities. With summer and tourist season approaching, many feel the need to entertain after this long stone.

The most prominent tourist destinations that you can go to if you get vaccinated include Cyprus, Stockholm, Kos Island, Seville, Copenhagen and Georgia

There are some countries that have facilitated the tasks of travel and conducting tourist tours to them, provided that the vaccine is received.

In this context, the euronews website included a report on the destinations that would welcome the tourists who had been vaccinated against Corona.

The European Parliament is currently working on a green digital certificate that allows vaccinated EU citizens to travel freely across the continent.

However, some countries are working to implement their own plans. Iceland has already provided certificates to its vaccinated citizens, and Spain, Greece, Georgia, Portugal, Denmark and Sweden are set to follow suit.

Here are the European destinations for this summer, from city stays to beach holidays, in nine different countries.


In the summer, Cyprus will receive vaccinated tourists, as long as they have taken the two doses of vaccine. Not only that, but the person must have received the second dose at least seven days before departure.

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden took a different approach than most European countries in tackling Covid-19, and quickly prepared for the idea of ​​passports for travelers who received the vaccination.

Stockholm is a must-visit for cultural activities, dining and outdoor activities.

Kos Island, Greece

Greece does not require a vaccine, but its presence will ensure that you enter this country full of beautiful destinations. If you do not receive the vaccine, it is okay, a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours before will suffice for you.

 Canary Islands, Spain

Like Greece, Spain plans to welcome those who have been vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test. Your vacation will definitely be special if you choose one of the seven beautiful Canary Islands in the summer of 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark has issued passports for a vaccine to its citizens since February 2021 and will accept similar passports from other countries, in addition to tests with negative results.

Copenhagen is the perfect city break destination and ideally located if you want to see the surrounding countryside

Rhodes Island, Greece

Boasting medieval ruins as well as beautiful beaches, Rhodes is a great destination to explore after months of lockdown

Rubierg Knud, Denmark

With Denmark already adopting vaccine passports domestically for things like entering concerts and reserving tables in restaurants, it will welcome holders of these passports from outside its borders. Rubiegerg Knaud is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy outdoor spaces after being confined to indoor spaces for a long time.

Athens, Greece

Once again Greece, with a certificate of vaccination or a Covid-19 test with a negative result, you will be able to visit Athens with all its history and cultural heritage, and its beaches as well.

Seville, Spain

Travel corridors in Spain mean you can officially visit Seville using a vaccine recipient's passport. Enjoy Spain's most beautiful beaches near Seville, as well as explore its stunning castles

Cavtat Konavle Region, Croatia

Croatia has managed to keep COVID-19 infection levels significantly under control and, like other European countries, is ready to welcome travelers who have received the vaccine, as well as those with a negative test result.

Cavtat and Konavle are well-known for their blue waters and great food


The first country on the list that applies vaccination passports to its citizens. Iceland is the perfect place for a weekend break or even a longer stay. How about a trip to the North Atlantic Ocean and soaking up the scenery and soothing hot springs?

Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia restaurants and bars open from mid-April, and the island has beaches large enough to enforce social distancing.

Rethymno, Greece

Another popular Greek destination, Rethenmo is rich in gastronomy, culture, and history

Azores, Portugal

Portugal accepts passports of vaccines from other countries. And since the Azores is the first archipelago in the world to be fully vaccinated, there will be a lot of people and activities. Those with a negative Covid-19 test result can head to the archipelago as well

Madeira, Portugal

Ideal for those looking for outdoor activities, health tourism and relaxation. Madeira has remained relatively free of COVID-19 throughout the pandemic

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi was the safest destination for summer 2020. Tbilisi opened its doors to vaccinated travelers as soon as the vaccine became available. You can travel to Georgia if you receive both doses of the vaccine.

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