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Similar to Telegram ... a new feature for WhatsApp users

Similar to Telegram ... a new feature for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that was preceded by the rest of the messaging applications. It speeds up the received voice messages, which are sent by friends and relatives with a longer duration and a time more than a minute.

Similar to Telegram ... a new feature for WhatsApp users

And included a report by WABetaInfo, which specializes in monitoring the experimental features of WhatsApp. Screenshots of the new feature, which shows what the variable operating speed user interface will look like in the messaging application "WhatsApp".

The screen shots show that the upcoming WhatsApp update will give its users the ability to control the speed of long video clips, so that the user can, by means of a special sticker, when clicking on it, the voice note will be accelerated. Using three different speeds: “x1, 1.5x, 2x”, making you listen to the clip if it was 5 minutes in just two and a half minutes.

experimental copy

According to the report, the feature to change the playback speed of new WhatsApp voice messages is still under development. Only a small number of users of the beta version of the application on the Android operating system, which bears the number, have arrived.

The feature will be playing voice messages at variable speeds. Useful for those who receive long voice notes on a daily basis. Which will help more than two billion users of the "WhatsApp" application to use the tool to speed up voice messages to increase the speed of playing long clips received.

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