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Nick Jonas Releases Album "Spaceman" on Youtube .. Video

Nick Jonas Releases Album "Spaceman" on Youtube .. Video

The world star Nick Jonas released his new album "Spaceman", through his official YouTube channel, where the songs of his "Spaceman" album achieved tens of thousands of views since their release today.

The songs of the singer Nick Jonas' new album focused on the emerging corona virus "Covid 19", as happened in the lyrics of the song "Spaceman" in which he referred to wearing masks.

Nick Jonas promoted his audience during the last period to the songs of his new album, which he released today, as he wrote on his personal page on the social networking site "Instagram" on Friday: "Spaceman was released early this morning .. What are your favorite songs and words so far?"

The international artist indicated that there are 11 songs in the standard edition of his new album Spaceman, after his fans shared a picture of him on "Instagram", which met with great interaction between his followers on the social platform.

Nick Jonas sent a message to his fans via "Instagram" saying: "The album was released by Spaceman and I am very excited to all of you to hear it .. Writing this album was a way to address everything that was happening in the world .. I launched this album first to introduce you to the world and what I encountered along the way." ".

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