New facts about cats ... and their abilities that surpass humans

New facts about cats ... and their abilities that surpass humans

Cats are gentle pets that most people want to raise, especially children.

New facts about cats ... and their abilities that surpass humans

So if your cat is one of your favorite pets and you want to raise one, learn these amazing facts.

1- Cats spend approximately 70% of their lives sleeping, as they are lazy animals.

2- Cats can drink salt water, as they have kidneys that filter water from salt, so cats do not necessarily need to drink fresh water.

3- Cats can hear sounds that we cannot hear, cats can hear ultrasound sounds, such as rodents and dolphins.

4- The cat has a third eye, and this eye is called hawthorn, and most people do not notice it usually, except for specialists.

5- Black cats do not bring bad luck as some think in America, for example, and on the contrary, many English and Australian people consider it. To encounter a black cat is a sign of good luck!

6- Cats really have seven souls.

7- The cat can communicate with humans, as cats have worked over millions of years to develop the tone of their voices, so that they can communicate with humans.

8- Cats are trying to take over the world, as the cat "Stubbs" assumed the post of mayor in the town of Talketna, Alaska. And her reign lasted for fifteen years.

One of the cats was also nominated for the presidency of Mexico City in 2013 as well! These ideas seem crazy, but cats are already close to their target.

9- Cats do not have a taste for sweets or sugar.

10- Most cats are not able to tolerate lactose at all, so (except for the milk that she gets from her mother), providing any other milk or dairy products is very harmful and harmful to her.

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