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Learn about Queen Elizabeth's total fortune

Learn about Queen Elizabeth's total fortune

Forbes magazine reported that the wealth of the British royal family, specifically Queen Elizabeth II, amounts to $ 500 million.

Learn about Queen Elizabeth's total fortune

The magazine explained that the value of the Queen's crown, which cannot be sold, is valued at nearly $ 28 billion in assets.

As for Buckingham Palace, it was valued at (4.9 billion dollars), and the Royal Cornwall property with (1.3 billion dollars).

While the property of Lancaster is worth ($ 748 million), and Kensington Mansion B (about $ 630 million).

As for the Crown Estate property in Scotland ($ 592 million).

David Hay, CEO of Brand Finance, said the royal family is not profiting from the British Royal Institution.

Although it has contributed an estimated $ 2.7 billion annually to the UK economy.

Hay noted that the impact of the royal family on the UK economy is mostly through tourism.

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