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Kuwaiti actress Abeer Al-Khader dies of coronavirus

Kuwaiti actress Abeer Al-Khader dies of coronavirus

The Kuwaiti broadcaster Mai Al-Aidan announced the death of her citizen actress, “Abeer Al-Khader,” as a result of her infection with the Corona virus, as the two Idans wrote on her account on the “Instagram” website: “The death of Kuwaiti actress Abeer Al-Khader after being infected with the Corona virus..May God have mercy on her and forgive her. Livelihood of the dead. "

Kuwaiti actress Abeer Al-Khader dies of coronavirus

Abeer Al-Khader entered acting in 2006 through the series "The Empress", and then participated in many television works, most notably: "Playing Tears", "Jumana", "The Leaning House", "Moza and Loza", "Wherever Destinies", "Colonel Shamma" , “Al-Maqdid”, “Apology”, “Marriage”, “Hostage”, “Eid Night”, “Abrat and Nostalgia”, “Path of Wafa”, “Perfume of Heaven” and others.

Abeer Al-Khader revealed the reasons for her absence from artworks recently, during a press interview, where she said: “My absence is due to two reasons, the first of which is my health after what I had been exposed to years ago from a problem in the cornea of ​​the eye, which needs to be changed, but its treatment is not It is available in Kuwait, so I was waiting for approval and approval of my papers in order to leave and exchange them through treatment abroad, noting that I had previously tried to treat it in Spain, but I did not benefit from that. "

And Abeer Al-Khader continued: "As for the second reason, it is because I was not presented with works that might contribute to my artistic development, or constitute a qualitative leap in my career, because most of the roles that were offered to me are similar, and I do not like the appearance just to appear on the screen only."

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