Find out the reason for the success of the delinquent ship floating in the Suez Canal

Find out the reason for the success of the delinquent ship floating in the Suez Canal

Sources within the Suez Canal Authority said that the main reason for the success of the floatation process is the high tide in the navigation channel.

Find out the reason for the success of the delinquent ship floating in the Suez Canal

The water is more than two meters high

The sources added, in statements to "Al-Watan": "The tide was falling during the highest days, reaching more than 2 meters from the natural water height, in addition to the help of the winds."

The sources said that all workers on the floatation process had great intention to move the ship today, and take advantage of the weather conditions that will not recur again during this month.

The entry of the Hungarian navigational vessel begins

The delinquent ship in the Suez Canal began moving to enter the navigational course of the canal in preparation for the process of withdrawing it in the coming hours from the course.

Sources within the workers said that the bow of the ship was withdrawn and entered into the water after it collided with the edge of the canal, indicating that the delinquent ship in the Suez Canal has so far partially floated by 75%, and it is expected that its floatation will end within hours completely.

Satellites confirm the movement of the ship

Pictures taken by a satellite navigation monitoring site showed the ship moving from the place of delinquency.

14 locomotives participated in the floatation operation

The Suez Canal Authority began implementing a maneuver that began at midnight yesterday, Sunday, with the participation of 14 locomotives, including a Dutch one, that arrived yesterday evening with a force of 285 tons.

According to the official statement of Lieutenant General Rabie, the towing maneuvers began with both the locomotive "Baraka 1" and the locomotive "Izzat Adel", with a tensile force of 160 tons each, from the bow of the ship, while 4 tugs push the stern of the ship southward and include the two new locomotives, "Abdul Hamid Youssef" "Mustafa Mahmoud" has a pull force of 70 tons each, and the two locomotives are "Port Said 1" and "Port Said 2". Two locomotives are also working to tighten the stern of the ship to the south, led by the Dutch "APL GUARD" with a tension force of 285 tons, and the locomotive "Maradive", and the two locomotives share "Long live Egypt 1" and "Long live Egypt 2" in pushing the bow of the ship towards the north.

It is worth noting that the Dutch locomotive APL GUARD arrived Sunday evening, as part of the Dutch SMIT team, to participate in the efforts to float the delinquent Panamanian container ship.

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