6 dangerous foods that you feed your cat

6 dangerous foods that you feed your cat

All cat owners like to feed their cats the most delicious food, without being aware of the danger these foods are for their health.

6 dangerous foods that you feed your cat

Therefore, we will present to you a list of the most dangerous foods for your cat's health:


1- Onions and garlic, as they can cause poisoning, intestinal disorders, and anemia.

Onions, in all their forms, chopped, raw, cooked, or dried, can destroy cats' RBCs, leading to anemia.

2- Milk and dairy products, due to the cat's inability to process the digestive system, and thus the occurrence of digestive disorders.

3- Caffeine, as it can be fatal to a cat, as it causes muscle twitching, rapid breathing and heart palpitations.

4- Chocolate, which may cause a heart rhythm disturbance, tremors, a seizure, and death.

5- Fat and bones may be dangerous for cats. Fats, cooked and uncooked, can cause intestinal upset, with vomiting and diarrhea.

6- Raw eggs, as it is possible to cause food poisoning from bacteria such as salmonella or E. coli. And a protein in raw egg white, called avidin, may conflict. With the absorption of biotin vitamin B. This may cause skin problems as well as scalp problems.

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