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Конек-горбунок — Трейлер (2021) The Humpbacked Horse ... a Russian movie that reaps 13 million dollars in 3 weeks

Конек-горбунок — Трейлер .. The Humpbacked  Horse ... a Russian movie that reaps 13 million dollars in 3 weeks

"The Humpbacked Horse" is a fictional Russian movie that is shown in Russian cinemas. Within 3 weeks, it reaps more than one billion rubles and has 4 million views.

According to a spokesperson for the company that made the display, Sony Pictures.

The film is produced by CTB, the CGF Film Workshop and First Russian TV Channel, and directed by Oleg Bogodin, a Russian. Inspired by the tales of the 19th-century Russian writer Pyotr Yershov, he tells the story of the adventures of the farmer's son Ivan and his clever friend, the Humpbacked horse. To whom the tsar was entrusted with the task of liberating the whale from the captivity of the marine king, delivering the princess to the retinue and catching the firebird.

The role of the tsar is played by the star of Russian cinema, Mikhail Yefremov, and the role of the princess is played by the well-known actress, Paulina Andreeva.

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