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What do you know about Egypt

Under the title "What do you know about Egypt?" The American newspaper "New York Times" launched, through its website, interesting tests presented in an interesting way to introduce the children of the world to Egypt, its history, culture, ancient civilization, geographical location, beautiful cities, sunny beaches, picturesque nature, culture, customs and traditions of its cheerful people.

What do you know about Egypt

 These tests accompany children on an educational journey inside Egypt by asking a number of questions and receiving answers accompanied by pictures and information explaining the city that was chosen and its tourist, archaeological and natural attractions, in addition to the places of entertainment in it.

For his part, Majed Abu Sudira, head of the international tourism sector at the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Promotion, indicated that the New York Times' launch of this test on its website is an advertisement for Egypt, and it will also contribute to promoting Egyptian tourist and archaeological sites by creating a passion for children and adults to visit these places And get to know the ancient Egyptian civilization and the people of Egypt.

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