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TRUMP: Twitter is getting "too boring" without me

TRUMP: Twitter is getting "too boring" without me

Former US President Donald Trump has said Twitter is no longer interesting and has lost millions of users since it was expelled from the platform last month over allegations of incitement to attempted insurgency at the US Capitol.

TRUMP: Twitter is getting "too boring" without me

Speaking to Newsmax presenter Greg Kelly over the phone from his home in Palm Beach, Florida, he indicated that he might be back on the presidential campaign trail in 2024.

Trump launched an attack on the main social media, after losing his accounts through which he was communicating his voice to the world in the wake of the events of January 6, which also led to his impeachment by the House of Representatives, before he was acquitted by the Senate.

The former president said, "They wanted me to turn to the" Parler "platform, referring to the right-wing alternative to Twitter who has been struggling to find a host since the riots, before announcing the" mourning "to lose followers.

And he continued, according to "The Independent": "As you know, I had 89 million followers - the number is bigger, but they worked to define it - and after that I had 36 or 39 followers on the POTUS platform and on other sites like Facebook, the number of followers reached millions and millions of people, the number of followers. Bigger than it is, these sites have a technical problem that cannot handle the large volume of followers. "

Then Trump began to belittle Twitter, saying that the site was losing millions of followers very quickly .. "The site became very boring after me."

Regarding his future plans to relaunch his social media accounts, Trump has hinted that he may launch his own platform. He said, "We will see what we can do. We are negotiating with a number of people and there is also another option to launch a private site .. We were subjected to great harassment on Twitter, they were putting all sorts of flags to report" abuse ", they were pointing to almost anything you said. What I said has been reported .. It's a shame ... Twitter has become so boring and I don't want to go back to it. "

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