PepsiCo is recruiting for HR Business Partner - Tanash & Assuit Plants

PepsiCo is recruiting for HR Business Partner - Tanash & Assuit Plants

Job Description

The HR – Advisor provides generalist support to his/her designated area; ensuring the effective implementation and sustainment of PepsiCo, Commercial Unit and local Market Unit, Human Resources policies, processes and practices. He/she will support management in attaining a positive and productive work environment that allows company growth and simultaneously acting consistent with PepsiCo values.

PepsiCo is recruiting for HR Business Partner - Tanash & Assuit Plants


Effective Basics

Carry out communication policies to establish a proper flow of information at all levels of the organization

Execute Compensation & Benefits (C&B) programs that meet Market Unit (MU) needs and are aligned with and in compliance with legal PepsiCo standards

Implement salary policy ensuring internal equity and market competitiveness

On-time and accurate personnel administration to meet employee needs, PepsiCo requirements, legal compliance and safety regulations

Support people hiring, on-boarding, salary payments, giving feedback and developing in a timely fashion

Coach Annual Operating Plan (AOP) linked objective setting process to align individual performance to business outcome.

Ensure effective labor relations by implementing a strategy to grow the business without unreasonable constraints

Ensure excellent implementation of people systems such as Performance Development Reviews (PDRs), Development Discussion Card (DDC) and Management Quality Performance Indicator (MQPI)

Interface with the rest of the HR community on behalf of the team/function

Employee Champion

Be an advocate for PepsiCo values ensuring that all team members are treated fairly and respected

Facilitate a positive, productive and safe work environment at all levels in the organization.

Foster trust and teamwork within his/her area

Support training needs for all levels in his/her area

Deliver Organization Health Survey (OHS) action plans, analyze results and develop tailored action plans

Identify signals for the Organization through regular sensing and 1:1 meetings

Provide tailored solution to meet the needs of the employees in his/her area

Facilitate all managers-subordinates’ issues within the team

Act as policy and employee relations Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all team members

Execute the internal communications process and recognition programs

Develop and execute In-touch sessions

Coach others to execute the implementation and sustainment of the current HR tools in his/her area

Strategic Management & Change leadership

Act as a sounding board and provide executive coaching

Develop and align a “people strategy” that enables the attainment of business objectives on the short and long term

Bringing the team around a common vision and create excitement about it

Leverage communication systems to drive team effectiveness and foster alignment

Build managers of others organization and coaching capabilities

Involve the Center of Excellence (CoEs) at the right time articulating/defining the need, providing input to the design & partnering in the delivery

Analyze capability gaps at the different levels & plan interventions to tackle them

Build credibility by always being there for the people (together with the line)- let them feel they are in “good, capable hands”

Sense needs, probable reactions & manager-subordinate discomfort before they turn into issues

Drive a Values & principles centered culture

Drive simplification and elimination of non-value added work

Drive the Work Life Quality interventions within the team

Enable team leaders to drive specific messages through to the team


Efficient and effective staffing to support business needs

Implement HR agenda according to AOP targets

Direct support given to managers, supervisors, and frontline

Strong employee identification with the company

Organization Health scores

Percentage of training matrix/development plans executed

Turnover/exit interview results

Capable value-added advice to management on all HR related issues by playing business partner role

Support frontline execution and implement and sustain HR Tools and practices


Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or any relevant discipline.

Minimum 4 years HR Relevant Experience

Strong impact and influencing skills

Very high level of Communication Skills

Strong management, leadership & interpersonal skills

Fluency in spoken and written English and Arabic

Relocation Eligible: Not Applicable

Job Type: Regular

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