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New Godzilla vs. Kong .. video

New Godzilla vs. Kong .. video

The official account statement for Godzilla vs. Kong, on Twitter, about a new promotional video for the work, and the video included the teaser clips, which reached a duration of one minute, the most important features of the new part of the upcoming work.

New Godzilla vs. Kong .. video

The video comes after Godzilla vs. Kong, a few days, without apparent reasons by the manufacturer, as it was postponed from March 26th to March 31st of the same month, while keeping the date of the show internationally via the HBO Max platform.

Legendary Pictures announced that it will produce a new part of the movie "Godzill", in which it will merge Godzilla and King Kon, and the film will be titled Godzilla vs. King Kong, and the movie costs a very huge budget of up to 200 million dollars, and will be presented as the American Cinematic Show 2020.

"Godzilla" topped the US box office revenues in its first week of presentation, when it achieved $ 93 million, and the film starred Aaron Taylor Johnson, Ken Watanbe, Elizabeth Olsen and Juliet Pinochet, with David Strathern and Brian Cranston, and Godzilla's films are one of the fictional films that attracted many Viewers are old and young, be it cinematic films or cartoon adventures.

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