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Millions without electricity after the United States was hit by a snow wave

Millions without electricity after the United States was hit by a snow wave

The US President declares a state of emergency in the state of Texas

Millions of people were cut off electricity after the United States was hit by a severe winter storm that swept through the southern and central United States on Tuesday, and bad weather in many places killed at least three people.

Millions without electricity after the United States was hit by a snow wave

Record low temperatures came from the Arctic to several states unprepared for such severe cold, and Texas was the most affected, as cold weather conditions prompted utility companies to implement the decision to cut the alternating power supply to stop the increase in the load on the power grid due to increased demand, While the winter storm caused at least four hurricanes, it was based in Atlanta, including a hurricane in coastal North Carolina late Monday, killing at least three people and wounding 10 others, according to "weather.com." .

The hurricane hit the southern part of Brunswick late last Monday, affecting particularly two coastal communities in the province, and emergency services in Brunswick said during a statement: “It is estimated that at least 50 homes were damaged in the accident and many were damaged. Power lines causing blackouts.

Pictures and videos broadcast by US media showed cut trees, houses flattened to the ground, and a number of cars smashed, and more than four million people, whether in residential, commercial and industrial places without electricity in Texas as of Tuesday morning, according to the tracking website "Poweroutage.us".

In the state capital, Austin, the temperature reached minus 12 degrees Celsius, despite this, unusual scenes appeared in the city, where locals built snowmen and enjoyed skiing. Michael, a resident of Austin, told AFP: "It is nice to see the white color, but it is very dangerous at the same time because people here do not know how to drive as they are used to driving very fast."

And in the state of "Mississippi", residents woke up to discover that much of the state, which lies in the deep south, had turned into landscapes covered with snow and ice. The New York Times reported that the authorities were struggling to clear roads, as there were no streams of snow because the state You rarely need it.

At least 10 deaths have been linked to the recent bad weather, and authorities across the United States have urged residents to exercise caution in dealing with the precarious conditions, and US President Joe Biden issued an emergency declaration in Texas on Sunday, providing federal assistance to supplement government relief efforts. .

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