How to prepare "ice cappuccino" at home

How to prepare "ice cappuccino" at home

Ice cappuccino is one of the drinks that many people prefer to drink, and everyone seeks to make it at home because of the expensive price in cafes and cafes, so in the following lines we show you the steps for making ice cappuccino at home:

How to prepare "ice cappuccino" at home

Ice cappuccino ingredients

5 tablespoons of cappuccino.

- One and a half cups of cold milk.

Half a cup of warm water.

Snow Libraries.

White sugar, as needed.

Ice cubes as needed.

An empty water bottle.

How to prepare ice cappuccino at home

Mix coffee with sugar and warm water.

Tower the content for about a minute.

- Bring two cups and put the contents in them with the addition of milk and ice.

After completing the previous steps, enjoy the delicious "ice cappuccino" taste with the least effort and the cheapest cost.

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