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Himalayan pink salt is a natural treasure for the beauty of your skin ... Get to know it

Himalayan pink salt is a natural treasure for the beauty of your skin ... Get to know it

Have you ever heard of pink Himalayan salt? This pink-colored salt is widespread in the markets, but it is only available in the Himalayas. This salt is a natural treasure and an effective aesthetic tool.

Himalayan pink salt is a natural treasure for the beauty of your skin ... Get to know it

The secret of distinguishing it from ordinary coarse salt is that regular salt is extracted from the sea or ocean, which may be contaminated, in contrast, Himalayan salt is extracted from a pure mountainous area.

In addition to the fact that this salt was covered with a layer of lava, this is what led to its natural preservation, so we will present to you the benefits of Himalayan salt for the skin:

Clean and disinfect the skin by using this salt as a toner daily, due to its power to cleanse the skin of all dirt or bacteria that are concentrated on its pores.

The way to use it is by dissolving a little Himalayan salt in water and adding a few drops of lemon oil and keeping it in a bottle in the fridge. After that, the mixture can be applied daily to the skin using a cotton ball and swiped over the face to remove dirt.

Removing dead skin by exfoliating the skin with Himalayan salt and removing the dead skin, the seams open and the impurities disappear, and the skin turns into a smooth skin free from spots, and the method of use is by placing a spoonful of Himalayan salt with a small amount of coconut oil in, and mixing the mixture well Then you apply it to the face with circular massage movements once a week.

Moisturizing the skin, this salt moisturizes the skin and nourishes its depths to appear more fresh and smooth, and to get the benefit of hydration, it is supposed to dissolve a little Himalayan salt in the water, then add a little honey and a medium-sized spoonful of olive oil. Then rub your face with the mixture for a quarter of an hour of time, with this moisturizing only twice a week.

From the side of the body, Himalayan salt has the ability to remove the smell of sweat and unpleasant odors, due to its ability to absorb body secretions.

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