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Here's the best way to get mice out of the house

Here's the best way to get mice out of the house

Mice are considered rodents that it is not desirable to have them in the house, because of the harm they cause to clothes and carpets, in addition to transmitting diseases to humans, so ammonia can be used to repel mice and get rid of them, and this is by mixing two to two and a half cups of ammonia with two hundred milliliters of water, then Add three tablespoons of cleaning liquid, and put it in a container near the places where the mice are, where the smell of ammonia will cause the emission of ammonia from the bowl to kill the mice in close places.

Here's the best way to get mice out of the house

The smell of mint is also considered a repulsive and unpleasant smell for mice, and mint leaves or peppermint oil can be used to repel mice and get rid of them. This is due to the fact that the smell of mint oil directly affects the mouse's breathing, which causes it to suffocate immediately and die, and for this some cotton balls and a little mint oil are required, so that about thirty drops of mint oil are added to the cotton balls, then distributed at home, and replaced If the smell is gone.

Mice can be eliminated by distributing some bay leaves at the entrances to the house, as bay leaves have a fragrant smell that attracts mice and causes their death, as they are toxic to them.

Other ways to get rid of mice

Mice can be controlled in a number of ways, according to what is stated in the subject site, including the following:

Onions: Onions are considered a powerful repellant to mice, and that is by cutting slices of onions and placing them in the places of their entry, where the strong smell will cause them to flee.

Black pepper: Black pepper is an effective and low-cost repellant for mice, as spraying a small amount of black pepper in the places where mice are located helps to kill them, and the sharp smell that emanates from the pepper harms the lungs of the mouse, causing it to suffocate and die easily.

Baby powder: Baby roses can be used to repel mice, as its strong smell is characterized by its toxicity and killing them.

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