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Bill Gates: We can beat Corona with investment

Bill Gates: We can beat Corona with investment

The founder of Microsoft technology, the American billionaire, Bill Gates, confirmed that stopping the "Covid-19" pandemic, which spread to the world in 2020, is only possible by investing in vaccine production facilities. According to "Russia Today".

Bill Gates: We can beat Corona with investment

Gates said, "The countries of the world did not take sufficient precautionary measures before the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, which led to huge losses in the economy. We must allocate investments, and the talk is about a large number of billions, in order to make sure that this will never be repeated."

Gates explained that the investments should be used to build facilities for the production of vaccines around the world, in order to ensure equal access to it for all people on the planet.

The American businessman also stressed the importance of cooperation between state governments and companies in this field, citing the example of the American "Pfizer" and the German "Biontech".

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