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Biden opposes Trump receiving intelligence briefings

Biden opposes Trump receiving intelligence briefings

US President Joe Biden expressed his conviction that former President Donald Trump should be prevented from receiving any intelligence briefings due to his "unexpected behavior."

Biden opposes Trump receiving intelligence briefings

"I think not," Biden said, in response to the CBS anchor's question whether it was necessary for Trump to receive intelligence briefings.

And he continued: "And because of his unexpected behavior, regardless of disobedience," referring with this phrase to the Trump supporters' storming of the Capitol building in Washington.

Biden declined any direct response to the question about what raises concerns about Trump having access to classified information. He said, "I would like not to speak about it publicly.

And I just think there is absolutely no need for him to receive intelligence briefings. What is the use of providing an intelligence briefing to him? What is his impact on matters, except that he may disclose something spontaneously?

It is noteworthy that any former president in the United States continues to receive some intelligence during a certain period after leaving the presidency.

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