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Austria issues new decisions related to closure

Austria issues new decisions related to closure

The Austrian government has extended the closure of the hotel, tourism, restaurants, cafes, and cultural, entertainment and sports activities facilities until April.

Austria issues new decisions related to closure

Media reported that Chancellor "Sebastian Kurz", Prime Minister of Austria, attributed the reason for the decision to fear of the spread of Corona virus mutations coming from Britain and South Africa. The fluctuation of infection cases significantly does not allow the measures to control and contain the epidemic to be eased.

He explained, "The government will consult again with the relevant experts, the governors of the nine states and the parliamentary parties early next March." To review the latest developments in the numbers of injuries and the epidemiological situation.

It should be noted that the Austrian government has closed hotels, restaurants, cafes and entertainment facilities. Such as theaters, cinemas and concert halls since early November, in the context of combating the spread of the new Corona epidemic.

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