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7 information about "Google Duo" before removing it from Huawei phones

7 information about "Google Duo" before removing it from Huawei phones

Google Play’s decision to delete the Google Duo application from recent versions of Huawei’s phones and some devices that will not be able to operate it by March 31 sheds light on the popular video chat application, which was launched in August 2016 on the two Android systems. And IOS.

7 information about "Google Duo" before removing it from Huawei phones

The application has received wide attention due to its advantages, despite the presence of many popular applications such as "Zoom", "FaceTime", "WhatsApp" and "Messenger", which also offer video chatting widely.

1 - The popular application allows you to own and use it on smartphones without the need to own or create a Gmail account.

2 - The application works on many different operating systems, and is highly compatible with them, on top of which are "IOS", "Android" and "Chrome OS".

3 - The application provides an important feature, which is the ability to see the caller and verify his identity before answering, without the other party knowing that you saw him, and then your decision is either to respond or ignore if you want.

4- The application developers secure the video chats that take place through it with the greatest possible amount of encryption, so that they cannot be hacked, exposing both parties to the conversation to spying.

5 - The popular application provides the ability to delete annoyers and prevent them from communicating, by specifying a specific list of people who want to communicate with them through its settings system.

6 - Google Duo offers easy-to-use, high-quality video calls to smartphones, tablets, computers and smart screens such as Google Nest Hub Max.

7 - The application can communicate with 32 users simultaneously, face to face, and provides the possibility of holding remote meetings on a large scale.

The British "Express" website warned that modern Huawei phones may soon lose access to the video chat application, because Google has changed the requirements of the "Messages" application so that the application does not work on "unapproved devices." uncertified devic), which will go into effect on March 31.

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