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6 delusions related to sleep ... do not believe them!

6 delusions related to sleep ... do not believe them!

The world celebrates, on Saturday, the International Day of Sleep, which aims to celebrate and remind the benefits of a good and healthy sleep, and to warn people of the dangers of sleep disorders on their health, education and social life.

6 delusions related to sleep ... do not believe them!

Sleep is associated with many common delusions and "myths", some of which we offer you:

1- A study conducted last year revealed that women need more sleep hours, compared to men. This is not true, as Dr. Colin Carney, director of the Sleep and Depression Laboratory at Ryerson University in Canada, said that sleep is related to human activity during the day, and added, "If you are active, you may increase your sleep hours, and vice versa .. It has nothing to do with male or female. ".

2- “We need 8 hours of sleep every day.” This is not true. Carney said, "We do not need 8 hours of sleep .. People's needs for sleep change from one person to another. There are those who need 6 hours and there are those who need 9 hours and more."

3- “You can make up for the number of hours you did not sleep during the week during the weekend.” No, this is a wrong thinking, try to get the number of adequate sleep hours during the weekdays, and do not try to sleep longer than usual on the weekend.

4- "Naps are necessary during the day." Studies say that all people should take a nap in the day because of its benefits to their health, but Dr. Carney said that it is related to the habits of each person, adding, "It can be harmful to your health .. For example people who suffer from insomnia should not be They take naps during the day. "

5- “You are living a wrong life if you wake up late” .. And they are another as many believe that people who wake up late live a harmful lifestyle or have health problems, and this is not true. The timing of waking varies from person to person, for example, young children sleep and wake early, and teens fall asleep and wake up late.

6- “Not sleeping during the night and staying awake if you are preparing for an important event is a good idea.” Definitely no .. Studies have shown that those who do not sleep during the night in order to prepare for an exam or interview or something like that do not succeed in their task more than Those who study and fall asleep earlier have problems with concentration and memory.

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