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"Zacks Projects Management" aims to open 5 new branches with investments of 25 million pounds within 3 months

"Zacks Projects Management" aims to open 5 new branches with investments of 25 million pounds within 3 months

Abu Zekry: We completed the injection of investments worth 30 million pounds during 2019 ... and we aim to enter the Gulf soon

"Zacks Projects Management" company has completed the opening of 6 branches during the past year 2020 with investments estimated at 30 million pounds in separate areas in Cairo and Alexandria governorates, while the company plans to enter the Gulf market and expand in the governorates during the current year.

"Zaks Projects Management" aims to open 5 new branches with investments of 25 million pounds within 3 months

Hassan Abu Zekry, the founder and CEO of the company, said that the company was planning to reach the number of its branches to 18 branches during the past year, but that the Corona pandemic and the spread of the virus led to the change of the plan and the opening of only 6 branches in “El-Obour, Saraya Al-Qobba, Shubra Misr and Shubra Al-Khaima, Alexandria, Helwan »with investments of 30 million pounds, bringing the total number of branches to 13 branches currently.

Abu Zekry added, during a press conference, today, Monday, that the company has succeeded in overcoming the negative effects of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, praising the precautionary measures approved by the Supreme Governmental Committee for the Coronavirus emerging in June, after the ban period and allowing restaurants to operate at 25% of their maximum capacity.

He explained that, in all its branches, the company is committed to all precautionary measures, the use of masks and the provision of sterilizers to maintain the health of employees and restaurant customers, indicating that despite the ban period and the impact of sales inside the branches, the company remained committed to paying the salaries of workers and not compromising their entitlements.

The CEO added that the company plans to open five branches in the first quarter of this year and is seeking to be present in the governorates, especially Upper Egypt. The first branch of "Zacks" is scheduled to open in one of the Gulf countries in partnership with an Emirati investor in 2021.

“Zaks Fried Chicken” started in 2017 with one branch on the 6th of October as the first Egyptian restaurant specializing in fried chicken, and began expanding rapidly with 7 branches over two years, in addition to providing the “delivery” service and coordinating with many with the application for fast restaurant meals delivery.

Abu Zekry emphasized that the secret of the success of "Zacks" is the keenness to provide meals and sandwiches with high quality and at a good price suitable for all classes, saying: "The customer does not have to buy more than one meal in order to feel full."

Abu Zekry added that the company is keen on the quality of production inputs and their conformity with international and Egyptian standards, indicating that all suppliers are highly qualified and adhere to international and local standards at the lowest prices.

He pointed out that the expansion that the local market is currently witnessing in the “fast food” and “fried chicken” restaurants is a positive thing for the consumer, especially since the Egyptian market is a large market that includes 100 million consumers, explaining that it is based on the number of “delivery” requests from Restaurants per day An estimated 600,000 "orders" per day in 2017.

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