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When should immediate medical attention be sought for neck pain?

When should immediate medical attention be sought for neck pain?

Some suffer from neck pain, and do self-care before seeking medical help. But if your neck pain is very severe, you cannot sit still.

It is imperative to see a doctor if the pain is accompanied by any of the following symptoms. According to what was stated on the “Al-Qabas” website:

1- Fever, headache, and stiff neck:

This triad of symptoms may point to bacterial meningitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord and brain covering. And it requires prompt treatment with antibiotics.

2- The pain radiates down one arm, especially if the arm or hand is weak, numb, or tingling. This may indicate that a herniated cervical disk is pressing on the nerve.

3- Loss of bowel or bladder control:

This may indicate pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerve roots that need immediate attention.

4- Severe instability If you suddenly manage to tilt your head forward or backward more than usual, this may indicate a torn ligament. This usually only occurs after a major impact or injury, and your doctor will likely discover it with an X-ray.

5- Persistent swollen glands in the neck, infection or swollen glands can cause neck pain.

6- Chest pain or pressure. A heart attack or myocarditis can cause neck pain, in addition to more traditional heart symptoms.


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