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What is new in perfumes 2021 Best perfume in the world 2021

What is new in perfumes 2021 Best perfume in the world 2021

You can buy these perfumes through websites that sell original perfumes, including:

What is new in perfumes 2021 Best perfume in the world 2021

Byredo Tobacco Mandri

It is one of the most distinctive and distinctive perfumes with a distinctive smell that gives you an air of mystery. It is one of the most famous perfume brands in the global market, and it comes with the elegant and delicate scent of tobacco as you feel the warmth of its scent [1].

 Jo Malone London's Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense

It is a gender-compatible fragrance that consists of encapsulated notes of cypress and grapes, as well as the scents of amber and cedar wood, as it is a warm fragrance.

 Maison Francis Corcudigan Paris Baccarat Rouge 540

It is a diversified fragrance with an amazing smell, as it is a mixture of jasmine, saffron, cedar wood, amber and musk, it is an elegant and attractive fragrance

Frédéric Malle En Passant Parfum

It is a French fragrance that smells like spring and has a purple touch, with notes of orange, leaves and wheat, and it was created by Olivia Jacobetti.

Tom Ford Lavender Extreme

It is a mixture of bergamot and tonka beans, as it smells wonderful and exciting.

 Perfume 19_69

It is a mixture of cashmere wood, cinnamon, vanilla and amber and also contains eucalyptus.

Tatjana Freund, Beauty Assistant

It is a strong and intense fragrance that smells like figs, black currant and cedar wood, and it also smells like mojito and margarita, as it has a citrusy smell.

Best women's perfumes 2021

There are many niche and other perfumes, and the most important women's perfumes are:


It is the best designed in aromatic products, and it is a feminine fragrance that contains mysterious scents. It is a re-composition of Ernst Biox's perfume, as Jacques Polge recreated that composition to create a new version with aromatic intensity [2].

It is a mixture of a bouquet of flowers such as may flower and jasmine flower with the scent of citrus and vanilla, and this fragrance is characterized by being easy to use, as it is characterized by its calm and long-lasting smell that may make you feel fresh and cheerful, and it is also an original product and one of the best perfumes dedicated to women as The durability of perfumes of this quality is very stable.

 Opion Yves Saint Laurent

It is a fragrance that is distinguished by charm, mystery and exoticism, as Eve perfume was combined with the fragrance of the East to produce a unique and wonderful blend of women's perfumes, it is a mixture of fertile flowers and rich spices.

This perfume is characterized by being a feminine fragrance that carries passion within it and makes you feel fresh and elegant, and it is also characterized by magic and mystery as it is inspired by the East so you will find its fragrance fragrant and original.

This perfume is also distinguished by its wonderful ingredients such as tangerine, cloves, plum, coriander, rose, cedar wood, and sandalwood, so one spray of it suffices to enjoy after it a wonderful smell that lasts for a long time.

 Reed Door Elizabeth Arden

It is a perfume within the Elizabeth Arden collection, which was introduced in 1989, and it is a wonderful fragrance that contains the scent of red roses, focaccia, honey and a mixture of western flowers and spices, all of these ingredients make it a very charming and exciting fragrance.

Its aroma is rich and unique as it is characterized by a delicate mixture of jasmine, magical orchid flowers, wild violet flower and orange blossom, which distinguishes this fragrance with an exciting citrus smell and is specific to women and can be used for all ages.

Angel Thierry Mugler

It is a warm fragrance with sweet and attractive ingredients such as caramel, chocolate, vanilla and honey, as it gives you a dreamy and beautiful aroma that you may feel with a clear heavenly touch full of fun and excitement.

And the smell lasts long and can be used in any occasion and anywhere, it is a fragrance that has a charming smell, and it is intended for women as it is a perfect mixture of natural and fragrant elements.

Jadore Dior

It is a fragrance that belongs to the floral perfumes, it consists of fruit flowers, ylang-ylang, damask rose and jasmine flowers, it is a unique women's fragrance that contains femininity and luxury, it gives you warmth and calm, and it lasts for a long time.

LaVim Prada

It is a perfume presented by Prada brand and it is made of frangipani flower, mixed with beeswax and vanilla, as well as feminine vetiver mixed with the magic of tuberose.

It is characterized by its unique and attractive scent, which consists of a wonderful mixture of different flowers, which makes it one of the best women's perfumes as it makes you feel calm and relaxed and also gives you a feeling of comfort.

 Ralph Lauren Romance

It is a light and pure fragrance with a classic feminine character. Designed for soft and romantic women, it is a fragrance that gives you a refreshing and sparkling scent as it contains tangerine flower, violet leaves and pink pepper.

It also contains roses, jasmine, amaranth flower and geranium, it is a luxurious and pure floral fragrance and there is a set of it containing white musk, patchouli flower and oak.

The fragrance, citrus, pink pepper, and natural scents are combined to provide a charming and dreamy blend that can last for a long time.

Best formal men's fragrance

 Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum

It is a warm fragrance that contains woody flowers with a mixture of black truffle and lingering with bergamot and orange, as well as sweet black plum, black orchid extract, patchouli and vanilla. It is an attractive fragrance and its smell lasts for a long time as it is added to the most important types of perfume concentrations [3].

 Byredo Pal de Africa

It is an oriental woody fragrance, it contains African amaranth flower, bergamot, buchu, lemon and orange flower, as well as cyclamen, jasmine, violet, black amber, Moroccan cedar wood, musk and vetiver.

 Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Parfum

It is a woody fragrance inspired by the memory of the Greek summer. It contains wood, sap and leaves of fig trees with a hint of black pepper.

 Paco Rabanne

It is a mixture of aquatic woody scents as it contains grapefruit, lavender, tangerine flower, bay leaf, jasmine and mint, as well as evading through pike wood and Sindhi tree

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