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Watch "Malcolm & Marie" starring Zendaya and John David .. Video - Netflix

Watch "Malcolm & Marie" starring Zendaya and John David .. Video

The company that produced "Malcolm & Marie" has released the promo teaser and trailer for the dramatic movie in which Zendaya and John David Washington lead the lead role, and the two stars starred in romantic scenes during the trailer for the movie, according to "variety".

Watch "Malcolm & Marie" starring Zendaya and John David .. Video

And the movie "Malcolm & Marie" starring Washington, who plays a director and Zendaya as a friend. The teaser clip sheds light on the two stars' conversations regarding their past relationships. The film is scheduled to be shown on February 5.

Netflix acquired the movie Malcolm & Marie for $ 30 million, and the movie was one of the first films written and filmed during the spread of the new Corona virus, and the production team took great precautions to protect the staff from "Covid 19".

"Marie & Malcolm" can be considered the first feature film to be produced during the quarantine phase, and the movie was shot between June 17 and July 2, 2019 at Caterpillar House.

The film crew mentions an obligation to wear masks, precautionary measures and physical distancing rules during the outbreak of the Coronavirus while filming the film, in addition to staying in separate housing, to protect themselves from the coronavirus that has spread in many countries of the world.

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