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Tuba Buyukustun starring the ambassador's daughter instead of Neslihan Atagul

Tuba Buyukston starring the ambassador's daughter instead of Neslihan Atagul

The Turkish star Neslihan Atagul, the heroine of the series "The Daughter of the Ambassador", surprised her fans and followers by announcing her withdrawal from the series due to her health problems that caused her to faint and need to rest. So actress Tuba Buyukston to take the lead role in the series.

Tuba Buyukston starring the ambassador's daughter instead of Neslihan Atagul

Neslihan said goodbye to Nara on Instagram, saying she could feel her playing the role. And Neslihan Atagul added, "Although I endured the situation, my body could not stand so I need some rest."

She concluded: "Greetings to my team in the Ambassador's daughter, and I thank my friends and a special thanks to our fans and fans. You always show great support. I hope to see you soon in other stories."

It is worth noting that this is the second time that Tuba Buyukuston is standing in front of the star Engin Akyurek, where years ago they starred in the series “Black Love”, which achieved great success in Turkey and the Arab world at the time.

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  1. The story telling and ratings of the famous Turkish drama The Ambassador's Daughter declined sharply after the changing of the writers at the 34th episode and the departing of the starring role Nare (Neslihan Atagul). A new and fast infatuation has had a shocking effect on the viewers. The series is continuing with new writers facing insurmountable challenges with the departure of not only Nare, but also Gediz (Uraz Kaygılaroglu) and Boz. Additionally, the new writers maintain a slower pace and the dramatically reduced action leading the series being "boring". The episodes after 35th has nothing to do with the previous ones and the original story. Even the characters are totally changed and ruined. A great drama has been wasted.


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