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To comply with Aramco's pricing ... Saudi Arabia monitors gas stations in this way

To comply with Aramco's pricing ... Saudi Arabia monitors gas stations in this way

Saudi Aramco announced, on Sunday, the updated gasoline prices for the month of January. Where it raised the price of gasoline 91 to 1.62 a liter, and the price of gasoline 95 by 1.75 a liter, to begin implementation, starting today, Monday.

To comply with Aramco's pricing ... Saudi Arabia monitors gas stations in this way

Energy product prices are adjusted according to Hawkamah’s procedures to amend energy and water prices, noting that domestic energy product prices are subject to change, up or down, according to changes in export prices from the Kingdom to global markets.

And without her, the Saudi Ministry of Trade stressed on monitoring the adherence of gas stations to the prices specified by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company “Aramco” announced according to the amendments of the monthly review of fuel prices in the Kingdom, according to the Saudi newspaper, Al-Wiam.

The Ministry affirmed that its field monitoring teams will follow their regular inspection rounds in all regions of the Kingdom and initiate reports and complaints from consumers immediately to control violations and impose statutory penalties on establishments that do not comply with the declared prices and refrain from selling.

The Ministry of Commerce called on petrol station owners to cooperate in following up the commitment of their employees to the rates announced periodically. To avoid statutory penalties.

The Saudi Ministry, according to its jurisdiction, supervises fuel stations in all regions of the Kingdom, to protect consumers, control violating facilities, and apply statutory penalties against them. And defaming the violators at their expense, deporting the violating workers and not allowing them to return to work in the Kingdom.

Saudi Commerce urged all consumers to report the violating establishments through the application of a "commercial report" on the link: https://mci.gov.sa/C-app or through the Communications Center on the number 1900 or the official website of the Ministry on (Internet)

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