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The US Department of Justice accuses Boeing of "conspiring to defraud" and threatens $ 2.5 billion in penalties

The US Department of Justice accuses Boeing of "conspiring to defraud" and threatens $ 2.5 billion in penalties

According to criminal information gathered and filed in a lawsuit, today, Thursday, in the northern region of Texas, the US Department of Justice accused Boeing of "conspiring to defraud the United States," and ordered the aircraft manufacturer to pay $ 2.5 billion in fines and compensation after investigations conducted by the Department of Justice. Of America, there were two 737 MAX 8 crashes that killed 346 people.

The US Department of Justice accuses Boeing of "conspiring to defraud" and threatens $ 2.5 billion in penalties

Acting Assistant Attorney General David B. Burns of the Criminal Division of the US Department of Justice said in a statement: "The tragic accidents of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 revealed fraudulent and deceptive behavior by employees of one of the world's leading commercial aircraft manufacturers."

"Boeing employees have chosen the profit path over candor by concealing material information from the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the operation of its 737 Max aircraft and engaging in an attempt to cover up their deception. This decision holds Boeing responsible for the criminal misconduct of its employees, and addresses the financial impact of its customers," Burns said. Boeing Airlines, and we hope to provide some compensation for the families of accident victims and beneficiaries.

The total criminal cash amount in excess of $ 2.5 billion includes a criminal cash payment of $ 243.6 million, compensation payments to airline customers of $ 1.77 billion and $ 500 million in the crash victim beneficiaries' fund to "compensate heirs, relatives and legal beneficiaries" for travelers who He died in 737 MAX 8 crashes.

"The misleading statements, half-truths, and omissions that Boeing employees sent to the Federal Aviation Administration impeded the government's ability to ensure the safety of passengers by air," said US Attorney Irene Nelly Cox of Northern Texas in the statement.

"This case sends a clear message: The Department of Justice will hold manufacturers such as Boeing responsible for defrauding regulators - especially in industries where the stakes are high."

Boeing revealed in court documents that two 737 MAX technical pilots had deceived the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA AEG) Aircraft Assessment Group (FAA AEG) about a part of the aircraft known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Enhancement System (MCAS).

And MCAS was found to be the cause of both fatal accidents. Designed as a safety feature, MCAS should evaluate sensor data and push the nose of the aircraft down to prevent it from stalling if the nose of the aircraft is too high.

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