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The same fate as Huawei .. Xiaomi is on the US blacklist

 The same fate as Huawei .. Xiaomi is on the US blacklist

Hours ago, reports revealed that the administration of the US President, Donald Trump, decided to place the Chinese Xiaomi Xiaomi company, on the blacklist for trade cooperation, as a Chinese military company that threatens US national security.

The same fate as Huawei .. Xiaomi is on the US blacklist

According to the American CNBC network, the shares of Xiaomi have decreased by more than 10% since the decision to list them on the blacklist, as the US government announced that it will give American companies a deadline to sell shares in Xiaomi and not deal with it until a specific period in November.

The inclusion of Xiaomi on the trade cooperation blacklist means that American companies will not be allowed to export any American communication technology or phone components to Xiaomi again.

The Chinese company Xiaomi will not be able to sell its phones in the US market again, nor will it be able to benefit from the technology of some companies that depend on it heavily, such as Google and Qualcomm.

Xiaomi will join the fate of Huawei, which was blacklisted in 2019, on which the same decisions were applied by the US Department of Commerce, and the two companies were also considered companies based on military purposes of the Chinese government.

With this, Xiaomi joins about 35 of the largest Chinese companies in the fields of communications, oil and phone equipment manufacturing, while Xiaomi responded to this decision by saying that it is not a military company and not linked to the Chinese army.

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