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The most prominent way to treat cases of tongue swallowing in football stadiums

The most prominent way to treat cases of tongue swallowing in football stadiums

The exposure of soccer players to swallowing their tongue is common. When a person is unconscious, his tongue may retract back, which is called "tongue swallowing" and block the airway. This could put them at risk, which happened to the Egyptian Smouha goalkeeper during a match for his team in the league recently. According to “Echo Country”.

The most prominent way to treat cases of tongue swallowing in football stadiums

To open the airway of the injured player or person, one hand is placed on the forehead and the other on the chin, and then the head is turned back - tilt the head and lift the chin once done, according to Gethealthguru. You can then check for breathing.

Opening the airway by tilting the head and lifting the chin

Once the airway is open, you should close your cheek to the person's mouth for 10 seconds. Look at the chest for height, feel, and listen for normal breathing.

Breathing is only considered if the chest is rising, and not with movement of the mouth. If you are not sure whether a person is breathing normally, it is considered that they are not breathing.

Tongue swallowing

When a person loses consciousness, many people fear blockage of the airway through the tongue, swallowing the tongue

So, first of all, it is impossible for someone to literally swallow their tongue, your tongue is a muscle that sticks tight to the floor of the oral cavity. And it's not easy to move it out of there (you have to cut it first).

When he loses consciousness, all of his muscles relax, including his tongue. The potential danger is that once he relaxes. It might retract slightly toward the throat, in this case. It can block the airway and prevent air from reaching the lung, which is very dangerous.

Fortunately, there are a few really easy and quick fixes for this. The safest position that prevents tongue swallowing and other airway hazards is the recovery position.

Recovery position

A person who is unconscious, breathing and not suffering from spinal injuries should be placed in the recovery position, it is a very beneficial position because:

It provides stability to the body and does not drop the person forward or backward.

• If there is excessive saliva, blood, or vomit in the person's mouth, he will not choke on it because he may pass out.

• Even if the tongue falls or falls back, it will not block the airway and the airway will be clear.

Preventing the tongue from causing obstruction "tongue swallowing"

• In order to clean the airway of an unconscious person and make sure that he will not suffocate with his tongue, you need to perform a simple airway maneuver called the head tilt and chin lift maneuver.

• A hand is placed on the forehead and one on the chin, then the head is tilted back. After this is done, the airway is opened, even if the tongue falls back.

• If a person is suspected of having a spinal injury, instead of the head tilt and chin lift maneuver, you will need to follow an alternative method of opening the airway called jaw thrust. Often these first aid maneuvers are done at different times

• Before checking for breathing in the initial scan.

After placing the person in recovery mode.

• When air is blown into the person's mouth during CPR.

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