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The dangers of fast food for your child and solutions to avoid

The dangers of fast food for your child and solutions to avoid

Mothers suffer from the dependence of their children on fast food, and canned meals, which has become a common thing, especially as it causes a lot of anxiety and discomfort for parents and often, we find many families prefer to eat these meals than eating at home, so we review in the following report the danger of fast food, and how Find a delicious alternative for your child.

The dangers of fast food for children

Poor memory

A lot of recent research and studies have proven that excessive eating of meals, fast foods and crackers poses a great danger to the health of children and adolescents, and these studies have also proven that these foods have a strong effect on the poor academic achievement of children as well as greatly affect the health of their minds and their behavior as well.

The dangers of fast food for your child and solutions to avoid

In these cases, the child often depends on eating those foods and loses his desire to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, as he does not eat fish and useful elements that help him grow his body and mind naturally and properly, which greatly affects his physical and mental level later.


A study was recently published in the British newspaper The Daily Mirror, in which it was stated that between 30 to 40% of children depend on fast foods and soft drinks such as chips, cola and chocolate, and all of these elements have been shown to significantly and seriously affect the body and its entire apparatus as well as cause weakness in the level Scholastic cause and excessive weight gain.

High cholesterol and digestive problems

The term fast food has been applied to all types of meals, which do not require a long time in preparation and often their cost is very low, and for this reason they lack many of the beneficial nutrients that the human body constantly needs, whether in adults or children.

Also, these meals often contain a lot of fats, calories, salts, and sugars as well, and excessive intake of those meals continuously increases the risk of many diseases, and they also cause high cholesterol harmful to the blood, and these meals often cause children to have asthma as well. It causes a lot of problems in the digestive system and affects the child's mental development.

Types of foods that are harmful to your child's health

Processed drinks

All natural juices can be taken by the child without problems, taking care not to add sugar to them. As for processed and flavored juices, soft drinks and energy drinks, the child should not close them or reduce them to a minimum.


Many children refuse to eat any type of food other than fried potatoes and processed meats, as well as accept sweetened juices and soft water, and refuse natural juices and this leads to depriving him of many nutrients he needs as well as afflicting him with many diseases and Health problems.

The correct solution is for the parents to be keen on improving their diet, and not to eat any of these foods and drinks, especially in front of their children because children by nature imitate adults, so do not ask your child to commit to eating vegetables and fruits and refrain from eating fried foods while you do So, make sure that you are a good role model for your child.


There are types of sweets that contain artificial colors and flavors that harm the child, and children usually accept them greatly. Also, baked sweets such as kunafa and basbousa should be reduced because eating them too much leads to the same problem.

Breakfast Cereal

There are types of breakfast cereals that contain a percentage of sugar, ranging from 10 to 100 grams, and this quality you should avoid your child eating and you must replace it with cereals that contain low proportions of sugar and contain minerals and vitamins.

Solutions to the problem of children's attachment to fast food

You should not force your child to eat certain foods; Because this will make him hate it, but prepare healthy foods that he loves, and you should not lose your patience with your child if he does not want to eat and prepare harmful food that he loves, such as fries.

Try to have these foods once every two months, and prepare healthy foods every day. If he rejects them now, he will not reject them after that. Because he will feel hungry and accept to eat them, and among the solutions to quit harmful foods are the following:

Make sure to create new types of useful food at home. Know how to make meals that children prefer and eat them at home, so that they contain several useful elements for the child's body. It is necessary for you and your husband to be an example for your children, so avoid eating these meals and fast foods and share your children with eating home meals. Encourage them to eat home meals frequently and avoid junk food outdoors with some symbolic rewards. Do not be indulgent in making traditional meals as children always love to innovate in eating.

Finally, in fact, these foods pose many risks to adults and children alike, and it is imperative that you do everything in your power to avoid your children eating these foods to protect them from the dangers to their health and their minds as well.

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