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Signal copies 4 of the latest WhatsApp features ... Get to know them

Signal copies 4 of the latest WhatsApp features ... Get to know them

The encrypted messaging app Signal has made headlines in recent weeks, especially since its rival WhatsApp released a controversial update to its privacy policy.

Signal copies 4 of the latest WhatsApp features ... Get to know them

Recently, Signal has seen an increase in the number of users as hundreds of millions of users migrate to the encrypted application system due to data security concerns about Facebook's proprietary messaging system "WhatsApp".

In an attempt to attract the WhatsApp user base, the Signal application added some features provided by the WhatsApp application. Below we present to you the most prominent of them, according to the "bgr" site.

1. Change your chat background:

The latest beta version of the Signal app, which was released this week, includes a feature to change chat wallpapers similar to WhatsApp.

2. set About:

The WhatsApp application gives its users the option to set "about", which is a status available on the WhatsApp information page, through which you can select the option by going to the application's settings and then clicking on the display image, and the Signal application has issued a similar feature to its platform.

3. Increase the conference call limit:

The Signal application offers a group calling feature to its users, which has a minimum of 5 people only, and the encrypted messaging application raised the minimum to 8 participants per call, similar to WhatsApp.

4. Animated stickers:

WhatsApp enabled support for animated stickers last year, and now Signal has added the feature to its platform, where users can create stickers using the Signal desktop app and share them with friends.

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