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Reducing Hurghada hotel prices to attract domestic tourism in the "mid-year vacation"

Reducing Hurghada hotel prices to attract domestic tourism in the "mid-year vacation"

With the approaching mid-year vacation that extends to February 20, hotels and tourist villages in Hurghada are witnessing fierce competition to win the largest occupancy rate from domestic tourism to compensate for the severe decline in foreign tourism.

Reducing Hurghada hotel prices to attract domestic tourism in the "mid-year vacation"

The officials of a number of tourist villages decided, starting today, to reduce reservation prices to start from 600 pounds for a double room with comprehensive accommodation, and children up to 12 years free of charge, to attract the largest number of citizens. Additional incentives were also provided by reducing reservations from 30 to 50% of the value of the double room, whose prices in 5-star hotels decreased from 3 thousand to 1600 pounds for all-inclusive accommodation, and in 4-star hotels from 1600 to 600 pounds, and the prices of reservations in hotels of special areas that attract people with income decreased. The Highland and Celebrities in the Gulf of Abu Soma, Makadi, Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna; Because of the low demand from Egyptians and the decrease in foreign tourism.

Hossam Saleh, director of reception at a hotel, said that hotel administrations and tourism companies seek to provide the best offers and discounts to attract citizens and provide incentives by adding a free night to the 3-night reservation offer, or free reservations for children under 12 years old.

Mahmoud Arafa, director of a foreign tourism company, confirmed that foreign tourist traffic is still low due to the lack of resumption of trips from major major markets such as Germany and Britain, where Poland and Ukraine are the top foreign nationalities coming to Hurghada since the spread of the Corona virus.

Tourist villages and hotels operate at a rate of 50% occupancy prescribed by the Council of Ministers as part of the controls and procedures to confront the virus, which contributed to increasing competition between hotels and tourist villages to reserve the percentage in full so that it does not suffer losses.

The committees of the ministries of health and tourism continue to carry out periodic and sudden inspections of the quality of services provided in hotels and the commitment to apply preventive and precautionary measures and investigate any complaints from the inmates.

On the other hand, after nearly 20 years of neglect, the company executing the development of a public beach corniche No. 4 in Hurghada and funded by the Central Agency for Construction and Housing announced the completion of about 75% of the works, as the project is scheduled to open on the occasion of the governorate’s National Day on January 22nd. To be an outlet for the city’s residents and visitors, with a nominal entrance fee.

The area of ​​the beach, No. 4, reaches 50 thousand square meters, and the development work includes the construction of a dancing fountain, commercial kiosks, international restaurants, amphitheaters to enjoy the beach, toilets, children's areas, visitor services, a parking area, and some works of art to beautify the beach.

The project also includes the development of the beach corniche to be 8 meters wide and 700 meters long to suit pedestrian traffic, with the establishment of terraces and graded seats to enjoy the sea, the installation of marble and wooden umbrellas and the allocation of places as commercial kiosks according to a special design. Imam Afifi, Vice Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, continued the process of developing the Corniche at a cost of 20 million pounds for the first phase, reaching 80 million pounds, after implementing the rest of the stages in coordination with the Central Agency for Construction and Housing.

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