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Not available in WhatsApp .. 11 Signal features to protect your privacy

Not available in WhatsApp .. 11 Signal features to protect your privacy

WhatsApp's updated privacy policy for 2021 has raised the concerns of millions of its users about how the messaging application, its owner, "Facebook", uses user data for advertisements, as this led to a lot of abandoning WhatsApp and subscribing to the Signal application, whose star recently shone after it occupied the center. The first in the list of the best apps to maintain the privacy of its users compared to other messaging apps, including WhatsApp.


Not available in WhatsApp .. 11 Signal features to protect your privacy

According to "gadgetsnow", there are many hidden features and settings in Signal, which allow its users to add more privacy and make it almost difficult for third parties to track messages at all.

The following are 11 features that many people do not know about Signal, which help you add more layers of protection to maintain your privacy and secure your conversations, which you will not find in competing applications such as WhatsApp:

1. Register using a virtual phone number:


Signal does not track your contacts or link your phone number to create a digital profile, and of course, the service platform requires a phone number for initial registration, but the good news is that you can use a virtual phone number to verify a one-time password, as any app can be used. For a virtual phone number like TextNow to register for the service and then enable the PIN to control your account.

2. Do not use your real photo or your real name:

While registering with Signal, do not put your own picture as your profile picture and do not use your real name to get maximum privacy.

3. Enable PIN and lock recording under Privacy settings:

Your Signal account is not linked to your phone number, where the use of the messaging application lies in the fact that the account is linked to a PIN that no one else knows, and this makes tracking users difficult, and for more safety, go to the privacy settings and turn on the registry lock, this prevents unauthorized access to Your account is from a different device.

4. Disable the "Use system contact photos" option under Appearance:

Go to the "Use system contact pictures" option under the appearance settings and disable it. This will prevent default contact book images from appearing on Signal.

5. Disable read receipts and enable the "Always call forwarding" option under the privacy settings:

Under the privacy settings, disable Read Receipts and turn on the "Always Relay Calls" option to prevent disclosure of your IP address to your contact, as turning off Read Receipts gets rid of unwanted metadata information.

6. Disable the "Show calls in recent" option under Privacy:

If you are an iPhone user, go to the privacy settings and disable "Show recent calls", as this will prevent all Signal voice and video calls from appearing in the call log.

7. Set "Screen Timeout" to one minute:

To prevent unwanted access to your chat, set the "Screen Timeout" to a minimum of one minute, so that the Signal app will be locked to prevent unwanted access to other people.

8. Disable the "Allow anyone" option under the privacy settings:

Go to the privacy settings and disable the "Allow anyone" option, this will prevent unknown people from contacting you on Signal.


9. Disable "Debug Log" under advanced settings:

Go to advanced settings and disable patch log for more privacy.


10. Check the safety number of all contacts you add to Signal:

Make sure to check each Signal contact before you start chatting with them on the app.


11. Enable message hiding and set it to 5 seconds or 10 seconds minimum:

The hidden messages feature works better on Signal compared to WhatsApp, even if one of the parties enables this option, the other party is forced to follow it, this makes it effective and you can set the hidden messages for at least 5 seconds, this simply deletes the message after seeing it For 5 seconds.

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