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Milo prefers Ronaldo to Messi

Brazilian Elie Arthur Melo, the Italian Juventus midfielder, revealed his preference for his Portuguese colleague, Cristiano Ronaldo, over Lionel Messi, the captain of Barcelona.

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Arthur said in statements on "YouTube" about Messi and Ronaldo: "Cristiano Ronaldo expresses himself more than Messi, as he agrees with all his colleagues in the dressing room."

"Ronaldo speaks to everyone, perhaps because of the language component that makes things easier," he added.

He explained: "Everyone has a way of driving, Messi does that with signs, as he shows his personality when he receives the ball, in light of his great desire to win."

And he continued about Ronaldo: "I am not a friend of Cristiano to the point of going home and have coffee with him, but we have a good relationship."

And he concluded: "Ronaldo is like a monster in training, and whoever also does not back down if there is a colleague who needs help from him."


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