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Man is originally a monkey .. The life story of a biologist who stirred controversy by religious scholars

Man is originally a monkey .. The life story of a biologist who stirred controversy by religious scholars

He is considered one of the most famous biologists, and he wrote many books in this field, but his famous theory (the theory of evolution) faced great criticism, especially by clerics around the world, so that he remained confused about what he called (the missing link) It is she who mediates the transition from the nature of apes to modern humans.

Man is originally a monkey .. The life story of a biologist who stirred controversy by religious scholarsذ

Charles Robert Darwin, a British natural history scientist, biologist and geologist, was born in England on February 12, 1809 AD, in "Sherrow Spree", England.

Darwin gained his fame when he established the theory of evolution that all beings descend from common origins, and through his observations of biology Darwin studied the transformation of living things by mutations and developed the theory of natural selection in 1838 A.D.

He did not reveal his theory at first except to his close friends, because he was aware of the reaction of religious scholars towards him because of this theory, and he continued his research to answer the objections that this theory faced, and in 1858 AD Darwin learned that there was another man, namely, "Alfred Russell Wallis" He is working on a theory similar to his, and this has led Darwin to publish the results of his research and theory.

And in 1859 AD, he published the theory of evolution with publishing evidence of its validity in his book (On the Origin of Species). Society accepted the theory of evolution as a fact in 1870 AD, yet many scientists still had many other explanations, and Darwin's scientific discovery was A unifying theory for all biology and an explanation of its diversity.

His early interest in nature led him to neglect his medical education at the University of "Edinburgh". Instead of studying medicine, he assisted with studies conducted by the University of Cambridge to investigate marine invertebrates, which made him more passionate about natural sciences. His trip on the ship "Beagle" of the British Kingdom made him a prominent geologist where His observations and theories supported the ideas of the scientist (Charlize Lyell), as well as his publication of his travel diaries, which made him a famous writer.

He collected many fossils during his voyage, and in 1838 AD, Darwin began meticulous investigations that cemented his theory of natural selection. Although his ideas were discussed with many naturalists, he needed more time to do extensive research.

 He also studied human evolution and sexual selection in the book (The Relationship of Human Origin and Selection with Sex) in 1871 AD, and his research on plants was published in a series of books, and in his last book, he examined earthworms and their effect on soil.

Darwin died on April 19, 1882, due to heart problems as a result of his overwork. A state funeral was held for him and he was buried in Westminster Abbey, in appreciation of his superiority as a scientist near John Herschel and Isaac Newton, as he was described as one of the influential figures in the world.

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