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Ironically, this is how Greta Thunberg said goodbye to Donald Trump

Ironically, this is how Greta Thunberg said goodbye to Donald Trump

Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg mocked former President Donald Trump's departure from office and leaving the White House.

Ironically, this is how Greta Thunberg said goodbye to Donald Trump

"It seems that he is a very happy old man, looking towards a brilliant and brilliant future," Thunberg said of Trump on her Twitter account. I am very pleased to see that! ”

Greta Thunberg's tweet is an ironic reference to Trump's tweet about her. Which he published in 2019 after selecting the American magazine "Time", her as the "2019" character.

Trump considered choosing Thunberg as the Personality of the Year "extremely ridiculous." “Greta has to manage her anger problems,” he said in a tweet posted on his official Twitter account. Then you go see an old movie with a friend, calm down, Greta! Calm down. According to the newspaper "Washington Post" of America.

The activist ridiculed his advice at the time via "Twitter", where she changed her personal information in her account and described herself as "a girl working on solving the problem of controlling anger."

During the presidential election, Trump returned the same advice in a response to his tweet, in which he called for a recount.

It is noteworthy that the former US president was among the candidates to win the personality title in 2019. It is worth noting that he had previously won the title in 2016.

Greta Thunberg achievement

Launberg launched a grassroots campaign at the age of 15 to demonstrate outside the Swedish parliament and urge the government to achieve its ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions.

Thunberg's actions quickly motivated many, and in September millions demonstrated in the streets of various cities around the world in support of her cause.

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