How to wash the air conditioner 2021

How to wash the air conditioner 2021

Air conditioning is a device that is installed in rooms or cars and the like, and is managed by electric power, in order to reduce the temperature, so it cools the air in the summer or is raised in the winter in order to warm the air, and there are many types of air conditioners, some of which are suitable for homes, including what suits companies and factories Even commercial centers, which are known for air conditioners, need to be cleaned regularly and in a certain way so as not to cause dust damage.

How to wash the air conditioner 2021

Types of air conditioners

Two-unit air conditioners

It consists of a compressor unit, an external heat exchanger usually placed outside the house, and an internal heat exchanger unit that distributes air in the room.

It is more efficient than others in air distribution and cooling speed, but it is more difficult to install and more expensive than other more popular ones in the Arab world.

Window air conditioners

It consists of a single part that is sometimes placed within the window, and a base must be installed to carry it outside the window in case the walls are not thick enough.

It is characterized by being easy to install and affordable, but its high sound and its weak ability to distribute air regularly and not support heating most of the time makes it less popular than other types.

Portable air conditioners

It is very popular because it is easy to transport, does not require complicated installation procedures, and is suitable for hot and dry climates such as in the Arab region.

Air-conditioning units of this type require regular water supply and waste disposal as well, and they are often expensive compared to their cooling power and relatively difficult to carry.

How to wash the air conditioner

Air-conditioning is one of the basics of electrical appliances in the home due to the high temperatures, so everyone is keen to clean it constantly from dust or impurities to keep it from breakdowns and damage.

- Disconnect the electricity current from the air conditioner permanently, then wear a nose mask and glasses for protection from dust and impurities, then start cleaning the outer piece.

- Clean the compressor, or as the external part is called, in the air conditioner, to get rid of the dust formed on the outer piece through the electric blower.

- Then we clean the fan of the external conditioner with a damp cloth, and then dry it with a completely dry towel.

- Then we start cleaning the fan from the inside and unscrew the inside part until we clean the motor, then we use a lubricant spray on the fan to make it work easily, then we clean the fan with a piece of cloth dampened with drops of vinegar.

- We use vacuum cleaners to clean the outside of the air conditioner, or use a spray containing soapy water and clean it with a cloth.

We dry the air conditioner with a dry cloth, then apply the outer face of the conditioner again once you finish cleaning it.

How to clean the interior of the air conditioner

We remove the front face of the air conditioner and clean the fenders in it.

- Then we wash the filter with soap and water and leave it in an open place until the sun's rays reach it and it dries.

We clean the inner part by means of an electric blower to remove the stuck dust.

Then, using soapy water, the holes in the fenders are cleaned.

- And then we install the last piece again and wipe the inner side of the conditioner after completing the cleaning process.

- Make sure that there is no stuck dust by cleaning the drain hose.

- After the air conditioner has become clean and free of dust and dirt, leave it for an hour until we make sure that there is no water in it and then it is ready for operation.

Reasons for poor home air conditioner cooling

Clogged internal filters

- The internal filter must be cleaned periodically so that its clogging does not lead to poor enough cooling.

- It can be cleaned by unscrewing the front air conditioner cover, removing the filters from it, using a sponge, and rubbing the filters well to get rid of the dust stuck in it, then let it dry for a while.

Compressor malfunction

It is considered one of the most important parts of the air conditioner, so its price is very expensive if it is damaged and replaced with a new one.

- The reasons for its failure may be due to a malfunction in one of its internal parts, so the failure is confined to the capacitor, which is the most famous and most disrupted of those parts, or in the operation relays, or in the internal valve, and the solution is to replace it with the knowledge of the competent technician.

Malfunction of the electricity

In the event of electrical faults, which may cause a sudden surge of voltage or electric current, the compressor will fail.

- The defect may occur due to the end of its life span or due to the large number of operating hours.

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