How to make scented wax

How to make scented wax

Creating your own scented wax is a great way to make home scent fresh, and this should save you money and prevent you from purchasing those in expensive stores, which are not healthy either.

How to make scented wax

There are many problems with most candles and scented items, because some of them lead to some health problems such as immediate headache and nausea, and therefore we must have sufficient experience to qualify us to manufacture our own scented wax, as it is wonderful because you can use a variety of scents and perfumes That suits your personality, and therefore you must know how to make healthy and beneficial home scented candles.

The ingredients needed to make scented wax

8 tablespoons of grated beeswax.

4 tablespoons of coconut oil.

-1/2 tablespoon of olive oil.

-20 drops of a variety of essential oils.

4 teaspoons of spices such as cinnamon, ground cloves, etc.

Equipment for making scented wax

- Glass measuring cup for defrosting items in the microwave or stovetop.

- Measuring spoons.

A mold for melting wax, and if you don't have one, you can use a tray.

- You should be able to make the wax melt, and if the tray is larger or if you want to use an ice cube tray you may want to double the size of the grated wax.

-You will need something to use to warm and melt the wax cubes once you are done making them, and there is also an oil and wax melt heater, which is the healthiest option, and if you use light tea candles, try to avoid paraffin wax if you are trying to go the less toxic path, because grated beeswax It is the best and most beneficial to human health.

How to make scented wax

For this step you will need to use a glass measuring cup or another microwave-safe container, unless you plan to use the top of the stove to melt everything, and you will first need to melt the beeswax and place it in the container, and then add coconut oil and another oil of your choice.

These are the only ingredients needed in this step, and your other ingredients should be ready and ready to use as soon as this mixture dissolves, and every microwave differs from the other, but you must put all the ingredients in a microwave-safe container and use the energy level 7, and heat it in 45 seconds until melted.

Add scent and flavors

Once the mixture is completely melted, you can add any essential oils and other spices, as you can first add some cinnamon and ground cloves, after that it is possible to use natural essential oils such as orange and lemon flavor, they are super concentrated and have a really nice smell, and grapefruit flavored oil can also be used. And add some drops of other essential oils to it.

Most of the delicious scent comes from melting wax from cinnamon and this is everyone's favorite, and you will be able to test what works and how much you need while doing it several times, and finally pour the mixture carefully into a mold before it starts to cool down a lot, then put the mold in the fridge To allow them to cool down quickly.

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