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Ghada Wali: 132 million people are malnourished worldwide

Ghada Wali: 132 million people are malnourished worldwide

Dr. Ghada Wali, Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, said that the social and economic impacts of the Corona virus are related to each other, explaining that the World Bank announced that there are 27 million people who have fallen below the lowest poverty line due to Corona.

Ghada Wali: 132 million people are malnourished worldwide

Ghada Wali added during her interview on the "DMC Evening" program, presented by the journalist Rami Radwan, that there are countries that suffer from many problems, and that there are 4 million people in the world who do not have any kind of social protection. Whoever loses his job has no income.

She pointed out that foreign investment worldwide decreased by 40%, that there are problems in food security, and that there are 132 million people in the world suffering from malnutrition, and this number is increasing.

She indicated that Corona had an impact on education, as there are millions of young people who have left education, and that there are women who have lost their jobs due to Corona.

She explained that there are 11 million girls who left education in order to work in the informal bottom to help their family due to Corona, and that there are 250 million students in Africa who have stopped education due to the inability of their country to provide education via the Internet.

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