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FarmVille, the most famous Facebook web game, is permanently closed

FarmVille, the most famous Facebook web game, is permanently closed

Mark Pincus, co-founder of game development company Zynga, announced through his official account on "Twitter" that the most popular web game on Facebook, FarmVille, will be closed 11 years after its launch. Pincus did not explain why the global game was closed.

FarmVille, the most famous Facebook web game, is permanently closed

According to "gadgets 360", the "Zynga" company launched the FarmVille web game, for the first time on Facebook in 2009, and it was inspired by games like Happy Farm, FarmTown and other agricultural games that had a large number of users. Active daily in 2008 and 2009.

The game Farmville achieved record revenue after reaching a user base of 30 million active users, and in less than two months it had obtained 10 million users, and the famous web game had reached one million active users after its launch one week on June 19, 2009.

Pincus did not share why the Zynga team decided to close the game 11 years after its launch, and the web game will not be available from tomorrow January 2 on Facebook.

Farmville works using Flash technology like many other browser-based games from the 2000s, which are the most widely used and widely used multimedia content development and distribution on the web.

It is likely that the main reason behind the closure of the famous game is the decision of the "Adobe" company to stop distributing and updating the Flash player for all web browsers on which the game relies mainly for its operation. Facebook will also stop supporting Flash games on its platform completely starting this month. Which affects Farmville.

It is worth noting that the "Facebook" company had warned last July that it would not support Flash games as of December 31, 2020, the same date that Adobe had ended its Flash player.

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