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Facts about the great drama movie Forrest Gump

Facts about the great drama movie #Forrest_Gump ❤: 🎬📽

● The film's story is based on a novel written by Winston Groom .. However, Forrest's character was slightly different from the book.

The role was to be played by the actor # John_Travolta instead of Tom Hanks, but he refused the role.

● Forrest's famous phrase in the movie "Life is like a box of chocolates" is similar to a quote in the book.

● When shooting the Running Forest footage around the country in an intermittent marathon, Tom Hanks is replaced by his replacement who was his younger brother.

● Optical effects have been used extensively to incorporate the film's protagonist into archive footage and to develop many scenes.

● A comprehensive soundtrack was also used in the film with the aim of determining the time periods that appear on the screen .. The commercial release made it the best-selling soundtrack .. and sold more than twelve million copies all over the world.

● Tom Hanks refused to take a specific fee for his role and said that his fee will be part of the movie's profits .. This helped him achieve profits of more than 40 million dollars

● In the movie, an interesting and strange detail is that whenever there is a jump in time, the shot always begins with Forrest wearing a blue shirt.

● The film was placed in the library of the US Congress because it contains a huge cultural, historical and aesthetic value for America
Facts about the great drama movie #Forrest_Gump ❤: 🎬📽

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