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Emirates Airlines unveils a new procedure for travelers

Emirates Airlines unveils a new procedure for travelers 

"Emirates Airlines" revealed that it has signed a partnership agreement with the International Air Transport Association "IATA" to become one of the first airlines in the world to test the "IATA Travel Pass".

Emirates Airlines unveils a new procedure for travelers

According to the "Emirates Echo" website, the IATA passport is a mobile application to help passengers manage their travel easily and safely in line with any government requirements for information on tests or vaccines for Corona.

In a statement, Emirates Airlines stated that the IATA passport allows its passengers to create a “digital passport” to verify that the pre-departure or vaccination test meets the requirements of their destinations, in addition to enabling them to share test and vaccination certificates with the authorities and airlines to facilitate travel, in addition to The new application will enable travelers to seamlessly and digitally manage all documents throughout their travel experience.

In the same context, it is assumed that the phase of the application will start in Dubai to verify the validity of the PCR examination before departure, indicating that in this initial phase, which is expected to start next April, the application will allow Emirates Airlines customers traveling from Dubai to share the results of the “Covid test -19 “Directly with the carrier even before their arrival at the airport, by automatically transferring the details to the travel procedures system.

The integrated registration of travel requirements, within the “IATA passport” application, will provide passengers with accurate information about travel requirements and entry to all destinations, regardless of where they are traveling from.

The application also includes examination and vaccination centers, which will make it easier for travelers to find in the places of departure of their trips those centers that meet the examination standards and vaccination requirements of their destinations.

It is worth mentioning that the new application will allow accredited laboratories and examination centers to safely send test results or vaccination certificates to travelers, as the global registry, which is managed by IATA, will manage and enable the safe flow of necessary information between all relevant authorities and provide a seamless experience for travelers.

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