Dubai launches an initiative to store, transport and distribute corona vaccines around the world

Dubai launches an initiative to store, transport and distribute corona vaccines around the world

The emirate of Dubai today launched a new global initiative through which it mobilized the expertise and capabilities of: "Emirates Airlines", "Dubai Ports World Network", Dubai airports and the International Humanitarian City, to transport, store and accelerate the distribution of vaccines around the world, with a special focus on developing countries. Its population has been severely affected by the epidemic and faces challenges in transporting and distributing pharmaceuticals.

Dubai launches an initiative to store, transport and distribute corona vaccines around the world

According to the Emirates News Agency, this alliance will benefit from the global spread of Emirates Airlines, the distinct logistical capabilities of Dubai Ports World, the operational efficiency and high handling capabilities of Dubai airports, and the advanced capabilities of the International Humanitarian City, which is the focal point for launching the operations of international organizations and bodies concerned with relief and humanitarian aid in The region, in addition to benefiting from working with a wider group of stakeholders, including drug manufacturers, shipping agents, government agencies and other entities to transport vaccines, in order to ensure the highest levels of success for this initiative with a significant positive impact on the global level.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Airlines and the Group, said: “We are now at the threshold of a historic moment with the launch of the COVID-19 pandemic vaccines, which have disrupted various aspects of life around the world. The UAE is at the forefront. The world in distributing vaccines, and based on His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's keenness to enhance the contribution of the UAE in facilitating a global solution for the recovery of societies, this initiative unites the efforts of the main organizations to accelerate the global distribution of urgently needed vaccines through Dubai.

He added, "Each party to this initiative presents a specific and integrated set of strengths and capabilities in distributing vaccines, which allows us to build a comprehensive solution that harnesses the logistical advantages and strong infrastructure of Dubai as a major hub to support international efforts in this regard. I am confident that together we can receive quantities. Large doses of vaccine are stored, and then distributed to any point around the world within 48 hours at the latest.

The International Humanitarian City is the world's largest gathering of humanitarian organizations and bodies based from its headquarters in Dubai, and it is also a major partner in the initiative to transport vaccines, and it uses its vast experience in humanitarian logistics to transport relief items, such as food and medicine, in markets with limited infrastructure. The International Humanitarian City has partnered with the Emirates Air Cargo in several humanitarian cargo missions, and during 2020 they also signed a memorandum of understanding to document cooperation in humanitarian aid flights.

DP World, the leader in global supply chain solutions, through its network of ports, terminals and logistical operations on all continents, joins the initiative to transport, store and distribute "Covid-19" vaccines.

The logistical operations carried out by DP World will facilitate the tasks of collecting vaccines from various manufacturing sites in Europe, the United States of America and India, and then delivering them to airports, seaports and dry ports for transport to different destinations.

DP World's world-class network of storage and distribution centers, compatible with internationally approved distribution practices, will be used to store vaccines for timely and temperature-controlled distribution to hospitals and clinics.

DP World will also apply tracking and tracing technologies, such as Cargoes Flow, to provide real-time information on cargo locations, continuous temperature control and shipment monitoring. The group's ports and terminals, including "Jebel Ali Port" in Dubai, one of the largest in the world, will be used to ship, store and distribute medical devices and supplies, such as syringes and sterilization swabs.

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